Library Building Project

Library Project: We

build libraries to under financed schools in the countryside around Siem Reap Province and from 2007 until now we have set up four Libraries in Siem Reap. We work with our partners to set up the libraries. We believe education is the key motivator to breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in the developing world. As we see it, education is changed. Providing educational infrastructure in developing countries is both challenging and rewarding. It takes planning, cultural competency, and logistical management to physically get the job done. For this reason, Our Library Project strives to have local volunteers and staff lead each project. Each local team is proficient in the local customs and the language, and has a clear understanding of the logistical issues surrounding their location. To build into each project is a detailed Pre-Assessment of each location and a follow-up Assessment to make sure the orphanage or school is pleased with the end result.

All of these types of projects we involve the local community and the children as much as possible. We do this through local community based book-drives that raise awareness of the issues surrounding orphanages and under financed schools. The children are involved in many aspects of a library’s development and construction by helping to unpack the books
, set up mats, clean the new space and most of the English story books are needed.

First Library for Kchass Primary school, was built in 2008

Second Library for Phum Steung Primary School, was built in 2009

Third Library for Tapang Primary School, was built in 2010

Fourth Library for Hun Sen Ronakse Primary School, was built in 2011