School Breakfast Project 2011-2013

Our School Breakfast Project (2011-2013), started as a pilot program to provide funding for school breakfasts in poor area where children had to travel a great distance to school in Siem Reap Province. Tapang Primary and Secondary school is so far from Siem Reap Town, about 22 km and there are five villages around that the students come to study, there are 700 students are studying in this school. We set up school Breakfast Project to this school because most of the families are very poor; the students go to school without breakfast every day. About 3km from this school, Kirimeaneon Primary School, is our second project that set up the breakfast for the students with 370 students are studying in this school.

   The intent is to provide a nutritious breakfast to children who might otherwise not receive one.  The importance of a nutritious breakfast is supported by several studies that appear to have linked it to improved dietary status and enhanced school performance. Most recent research suggests that providing schools breakfasts to low-income children is associated with greater likelihood of eating breakfast and significant improvements in children’s cognitive, emotional, and psychological behavior, as well as in their school attendance and academic achievement. In response to the growing body of evidence suggesting educational and dietary benefits from school breakfasts, many observers have urged that the availability of school breakfasts be expanded. Despite an increase in the number of schools offering the School Breakfast Project, the percentage of students eating school breakfasts is considerably lower than the comparable percentage eating school lunch. Those eating school breakfasts are more likely to be poor and qualify for free or reduced-price breakfast.
   Our School Breakfast Project is free to all students that could substantially increase the cost to the government of subsidizing school breakfasts, should get participation increase as proponents of universal-free breakfast believe. In a climate where public resources are constrained, it is critical to know whether these expenditures are worthwhile.