Clean House Project

Today most of our provinces are unable to cope with the rapid pace of urbanization. People do not understand that it is their right to clean house and environment to get clean air to breathe, proper housing, education and health. CCDO send our staff every month to teach the villagers and students how to understand the clean house project. We also shun our responsibility of keeping our environment clean. We encourage the cleanest house every month with $10 in our both villages (Tapang and Kirimeaneon). It is an acceptable fact that no government can keep cities clean by mere enforcement of environmental laws. Public co-operation and participation is vital for cleaner and greener cities." The child is the father of man “and thus a powerful agent of education. The clean house programmed realizes the enormous potential hidden in the students and youth group which is capable of changing the world. The programmed aims to mobilize community responsibility for environmental assessment and improvement in all major towns and countryside of Cambodia. Though school itself is a unit of the community, clean house is not confined to schools. The programmed envisages learning for students and villagers through community service and scientific investigation. This helps the youth discover and implement lasting solutions to environmental issues in their community. It also develops life-long habits of active citizenship and environment.