Playground Project

Playgrounds project aims to change the lives of children in the rural school by developing schools environments, sports and play facilities. By working alongside local communities, CCDO provide sports training and equipment or playground to our schools as well as create play spaces for them now we created 12 playgrounds for CCDO’s schools (Tapang, Phum Steung and Kirimeaneon Primary school).

The importance of sports, play and extracurricular activities is often an understated part of a child’s development. The playground allows children to explore, create, happy and invent. It is through this that they are able to develop their social skills, ways of thinking, learn how to deal with emotions and their own physical capabilities. The fun that children have through sports, play and extracurricular activities has a great impact on children whose lives are difficult. There are millions of children who lack safe and fun play spaces and equipment which can hamper their development because a lot of schools in Cambodia don’t have the playgrounds. 

Our Playgrounds’ project aims to change this lacking by working alongside local people and Non Government Organization’s to identify the most suitable schools and communities for us implement the following projects with. We provide high quality, safe and fun playgrounds and play spaces. We have a fully trained and experience builder who construct each playground to the age specifications and requirements of the children at the school. These playgrounds create a safe fun place for children to play and learn during their free time.