Bicycle Project

Provide Bicycles for Poor Students in Cambodia
CCDO work to cooperate with local organization and our sponsor to find out the bycicles for our poor students until now our project is providing 120 bicycles to help the poor students to go to school in poor coastal areas of Ampil Commune and Bakong Commune in Siem Reap province, Cambodia.
What is the problem?
Students of poor coastal areas of Ampil and Bakong need to go to school in remote villages. Areas are steeped in poverty and at the mercy of repeated sea erosion. School is too far from villages to walk each day barefoot with heavy bags of books, making school attendance difficult to the point of jeopardizing students’ future. Bicycles will have a strong impact by helping poor boys and girls go to school regularly. Students will own their bike after completing school.
How to solve the problem?
Buying and distributing 120 bicycles for poor students contribute cost from $70-$90 for one bicycle. Project will ensure qualitative changes in people’s lives and enhance rural village integrated development.
What is the potential long-term impact of this project?
By helping 120 poor students (50% boys; 50%girls) finish high school and own a bicycle after graduation, the project will provide access to basic education to all the poor students in the our organization selected area and villages.