Water Filter Project
In Cambodia, every year hundred of people, mainly children under the age of five, died from diarrhea and other diseases which are caused by unsafe water. They take the water from the cannel, river, and water well and they drink without boil or purify first. 
Now CCDO works to cooperate with the community to find out the poor family to give the water filter. Every month CCDO gives 10 to 20 water filters to the poor family at the countryside and all the classrooms of CCDO's school.
A ceramic water filter is a simple to use and we buy from the market. The filters are formed by using a press. When in use, the fired and treated filter is placed in a five-gallon plastic or ceramic receptacle with a lid and faucet. Water passes through the clay filter element at the rate of 1.5 to 2.5 liters per hour.