Scholarship Child's Project 2011-2013

The basic need of each child is to be able to attend a school in a safe environment.Seeing these rural schools in the middle of open fields with dirt roads, you realize that education is a prized possession. Most children walk 3 kms in either direction and have little more than a piece of dry bread for lunch. The children are tiny in stature and often look three years younger than they are. The school classrooms are crowded with two children to a desk and 50 children to a class. Classrooms are neither air-conditioned nor do they possess a fan, and more often than not, the rooms are in dire need of repair. In fact, the wooden structures feel as if they are about to collapse.
Being in the classroom in the midst of the heat, one feels truly stifled. Yet the attention of the students and their thirst for knowledge is astounding. The children attend either a morning or afternoon sessions with the same teacher doing a double shift for the meager pay of less than $50 a month. It costs $25 for a "starter kit" to provide a child with a school uniform, shoes, books, stationery, and toothbrush and toothpaste. An additional $5 per month will help provide lunch for the child. Cost to educate a child for a year is $50. Total annual cost per child is $135.
We arrange periodical meetings with 200 new scholarship students and caretaker in each village, and we cooperate with school teachers and local authorities to follow up students schooling and their daily living conditions.

Scholarship Student’s Project:
Supporting 200 poor pupils from Primary school to University, who were selected from Siem Reap Province. 200 poor students who drop out of school in villages in Siem Reap.
01-Name list of sponsored students for Tapang Primary School ( 100 Students)
02-Name list of sponsored students for Kirimeaneon Primary School (50 Students)
03-Name list of sponsored students for Phum Steung Primary School (50 Students)

Each of 200 children gets as below

- 02 School Uniforms                                          
- 01 School Bag
- 01 pair of shoes
- 10 Note Books
- 05 pens (blue) & 02 pens (red) 
- 01 Toothbrush
- 01 Toothpaste
- 01 Ruler 
- 01 pencil 
- 01 Correction pen
- 01 Box of color
- 01 English Book of Conversation